new gear and stuff..

Here are two new vintage items we picked up recently! it’s always been our aim to find unusual or rare vintage items, and all the time we’re trying to step up our im sure any vintage nut will agree it’s getting tough out there to find original items, which dont appear to have seen better times. The truth is everybody wants a bit of the action, But Who can be blamed once the addiction starts. As self confessed vintage addicts there is always at least a handful of items which you truely desire, and are almost certainly always out of reach:-( recently though luck was on our side and we have come across these two treasures- a 90’s Ralph Lauren Polo HI TECH jacket, and this pre Junya Watanabe Comme Des Garcons shirt with black beading.

What we sometimes find most difficult though is identifying specific items-i mean things like the year the piece was launched, what country did it drop in, what line is it from?

You can literally spend days trawling blogs, group forums etc trying to learn specific details about specific clothing. I know to some people this may seem like a useless pursuit but from a retailers perspective knowing these details counts because you want to pass that detail onto the customer, well at least the ones who have the same passion for vintage clothes. Fortunately there are some vintage collectors out there who share the same passion and they are inspirational. Anyway take a look below, there’s some more pieces coming soon!


vintage comme des garcons shirt medium rare junya watanabe


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