Finds for February!!

Ok so it’s a mixed bag of items this month so far, But that’s how it is sometimes I guess..Items here include: A multi colour washed light denim shirt with some interesting detailing, A rust colour bomber jacket ( it is rust, honest!) An orange vintage smock, A winnie the pooh embroidered cord shirt, A wool waistcoat and Dr Marten style leather shoes. Item of note: The orange mock is made by a company called, J Compton Sons & Webb. From what I gather they manufactured garments for the RN, R.A.F and army but also interestingly made clothing for post men, Bus conductors and the police. This smock is really well constructed and made from a heavy weight cotton canvas. Take a look at everything below 🙂


2 thoughts on “Finds for February!!

    • Hi Matt, sorry but this sold some time ago..although i’m looking for items like this on a regular basis. Please check us out on “asos marketplace” just search kooki two bit, as we are always uploading new items there. We are also on twitter. In the meantime if I see anything like this ill drop you a message! cheers for getting in touch.

      Kooki two bit

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